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Hiking & Trekking Trips
Potomac Ski & Adventure Club
Where We've Been?

We specialize in hiking, walking or trekking
excursions in Europe and the Americas. But,
we've also trekked Nepal, and Climbed
Kilimanjaro. Only the imagination is our limit.

- European Alps: Tour du Mont Blanc
- US & Canadian Rockies
- The Himalayas: Anapurnia Circuit
-  Italy's Ligurian Coast: Cinque Terre
Where to Next?

We are working on it. Visit these pages

Plan your own trip, we'll help you with all the
arrangements, advertising it on these pages,
and getting other Club members to join your trip.
European Alps
Tour du Mont Blanc
As a member of the Blue Ridge Ski Council
(BRSC), we welcome any of its clubs'
members and offer them the same
privileges as PSAC members.
Nepal & India Adventure:                   Oct 20 - Nov 11
- Annapurna Trek to Base Camp           Oct 20 - Nov 5
- Nepal Adventure without Trek             Oct 20 - Nov 5
- Nepal & India w/o Trek           
             Oct 20 - Nov 11